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We Are Marathon Kids

A Project by Cruz Media & Marathon Kids

Marathon Kids is a youth program designed to get kids outdoors and active in this technological day and age. The great people at Marathon Kids work to make kids part of a larger community, one that tracks, sets goals, and helps kids get outside and run.

We knew from the moment Marathon Kids approached us that we wanted to help them make an impact through what we do best: video. Discussions between Marathon Kids and Cruz Media began in early March of 2021. Pre-production was imperative to the success and completion of what was going to be a large-scale, highly cinematic project — but we knew the work put in up front would be well worth it.

There were plenty of moving parts: from the script to storyboarding and casting. But our excitement and joy of working on this project was one of the highlights of our personal and company’s career. We enjoyed every second of it and love to provide large-scale productions like these to our clients. 


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